1. Grounds Zero: A Starbucks-Free Italy →

    Why hasn’t Howard Schultz brought his coffee giant to the land that inspired it?

  2. The Coffee Fix →

    Can the $11,000 Clover Machine Save Starbucks?

    "The Clover coffeemaker debuted in a handful of cafés in 2006 and was promptly hailed as the best thing to happen to coffee lovers since the car cup holder. With an $11,000 asking price, the Clover has become a fetish object among the coffee-obsessed. Long queues signal its arrival in new cities, and self-described "Cloveristas" post videos on YouTube demonstrating the machine’s flashy brewing process. There are more photos on Flickr paying homage to this shiny gadget than actual Clovers in existence."

  3. Don't Fear Starbucks →

    On how can Starbucks actually help mom and pop coffeehouses:

    But when the word came down that the rising Seattle coffee juggernaut was plotting its raid on Los Angeles, Hyman [founder of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf] feared his life’s work would be trampled underfoot. Starbucks even promised as much. “They just flat-out said, ‘If you don’t sell out to us, we’re going to surround your stores,’ ” Hyman recalled. “And lo and behold, that’s what happened—and it was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

  4. The End of Cheap Coffee →

    The End of Cheap Coffee: Why the Diner Staple Is About to Become a Luxury.